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We are able to get the maximum value out of your property

Egenbacher Healthcare Properties provides owners of healthcare real estate with an exceptional opportunity in today’s market. Owners of clinical real estate can minimize risk factors associated with real estate and increase their return by immediately capturing the long-term appreciation of their property. Using our streamlined process and our vast network of institutional investors, we bring to the table the most qualified buyers and the best match for your specific healthcare property. We help our clients with sale and leaseback transactions, built-to-suits, ground-up development opportunities, and capital partner sourcing. Our seamless process will allow you to monetize your real estate at the highest value while maintaining full control and autonomy over your practice.

We Are Able to Structure

the Best Scenario and

Outcome for Your Property.

Securing The Greatest Value

Our perfected and proven strategy, along with our relationships in the industry, will allow you to get the highest possible price for your property.

Immediate Implementation

By utilizing our streamlined process, we can take you directly to the institutional investor that will pay the most for your healthcare real estate.

Seamless Integration

This process will allow you to monetize your property, while maintaining control of the asset without any disruption to the practice.

We’ll work diligently with to obtain the strongest financial possibilities that exist for your property.

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